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My name is Enem Margaret Odeh, Lead Photographer at BlueClouds Photos

Pictures have always been a part of my life. Growing up, I was fascinated by my dad’s and uncle’s love for  photography and cameras, even though to them, it was just a hobby. Their passion became mine when I noticed I had this weird  fear of forgetting important moments in my life. You know that feeling you get when you want to cherish a moment forever or when you want to recall that special memory  but can't seem to piece it together? Yeah, that was me! And at that point, I decided that that fear wasn’t going to be as real to me as my ability to fix it. 


So, to resolve my desire to preserve those special moments, I started taking pictures. 

I didn’t just want to take pictures, I also loved the idea of growing with people on an intimate level. So, along came BlueClouds Photos, that merged my ability to freeze time with the deep-seated desire to build personal, lifelong relationships with our clients through all the special moments in their lives. 

Now, I know that special moments can mean anything, from gender reveal parties to game nights. Because of this, I have developed an eclectic taste in a wide range of photography genres over the years, so that at BlueClouds, everybody can find something they like.

Thank you for visiting. Let's make memories together and seal them in time forever!


- throwbacks circa 2012 with my first DSLR camera -

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